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We Are Currently Managing Arizn’s Bounty Campaign

Arizn’s $2M Bounty has been entrusted to be run and managed by yours truly, the CryptoWingz Team. Read our blog about how Arizn is set to disrupt the tokenised crowdfunding platform here. And visit their website at for more details.

Who We Are

Knowing the complexity of digital advertising and campaign management of cryptocurrencies, we have put up together a team of experienced and dedicated digital advertisers who are knowledgeable, seasoned and well exposed on the concept of crypto marketing.

With a steady stream of followers on different social media platforms, we are able to reach the proper audience for our client’s crypto offerings and bounty campaigns in a timely manner.

And with dedicated officers and staff, our clients can sleep soundly knowing that Cryptocurrency Promotions, Bounty Campaign Managements, Community Building Services and other strategic plots are being populated and supervised 24/7 to reach maximum market penetration.

We are CryptoWingz and we believe in flying together.

Our Services

Increase your project and product visibility by allowing us to bring them in related cryptocurrency forums and discussion threads.

Assigned moderators will ensure enough knowledge to provide answers to common questions and lead the community to proper channels for adequate information and guidance by carefully studying your whitepapers and other detailed documentations.

The same moderators shall continue to track your project advancement and bring those updates to the forum, thread discussions and other information platforms.

They say a picture can paint a thousand words and our experienced designers are here to help you create the most appealing avatars and eye catching signature campaign designs that conforms to crypto forums features.

Also, allow us to find you suitable users in cryptocurrency forums who can carry your signature branding through out the duration of your campaign to increase marketing visibility to cyrpto investors within the community.

Among the most effective means of bringing your project to the global market is translating your website, whitepaper, product documentation and other informational platforms to the local language of a particular country or region.

Our qualified translators are here to provide you the most accurate of translations around (and we assure you, this is to be done without the use of any language translator application).

Everybody knows how Social Media can change and influence the perception of people all over the globe, we are here to help you take advantage of that fact and make it a profitable marketing tool.

With a wide network of social media users under our umbrella, we can get your project and product much more visible within popular social media platforms such as facebook, instagram, twitter, etc.

Our experienced Social Media Campaign Managers can whip you up a strong and effective bounty in no time.

With people nowadays relying on video explainers and good content articles, our seasoned and qualified Bloggers ,Vloggers and Video Creators can help you promote your projects in a easy to grasp online media campaign.

Summing up your project in a 90 seconds video explainer or in a short well written blog article can attract a lot of potential investors who are usually on the go.