The past few years witnessed the boom of tokenized crowdfunding, and along with that, crowdfunding platforms grew too. As entrepreneurs look for ways to gain their needed capital to start their business, many chanced upon the idea of tokenized crowdfunding.  But not all succeeded.  Largely due to the fact, that there’s a lot of considerations to be taken upon when choosing the right crowdfunding platform.

Remember that crowdfunding platforms are business too, deriving income from the capital needs of entrepreneurs and business entities.  They have door fees to accept your project to start raising funds.  They have limited local communities from where your crowdfunding will surface. Some lacks veracity and confidence to convince backers to lay down their trust in this tainted space of crowdfunding.  And in cases of tokenised crowdfundings, the lack of a blockchain system will ensure an imminent downfall. And of course, the campaign demands

Luckily, the emergence of skilled, experienced and trustworthy tokenised crowdfunding platforms is there to the rescue.


Among them is Arizn. Who, before we dwell farther into details, is brave enough to declare their core principles to be accountable, liable and transparent.  Something that others are to shy away from.

Going through their whitepaper (which is available at, it is notable that the team behind the project is seasoned when it comes to crowdfunding. Hailing from South Africa with an ubuntu ideology that translate to human virtues, primarily of compassion and humanity (a great big of a deal for those thriving for confidence), Arizn has been part of life sustaining projects that helped feed and provide employment for thousands of people over the years.

From the WP, we see that Arizn kicked off 2011 and became a proprietary limited company in 2013 whose initial involvement was that of venture capitalism that were focused on social and economic development, a portfolio plus for those who wants to improve quality of life for themselves and for others while progressing their business ventures.

But more importantly, besides the skill set, experience and knowledge in running successful crowdfundings, Arizn understood that without blockchain, one cannot truly tokenise this specific area of equal chances for all.

Their drive to bring a platform that is accountable, liable and transparent is backed by a blockchain system to deliver a compliant, ethical and profitable platform that will boost confidence and trust for investors and backers a like.

As mentioned earlier, the lack of blockchain-injected system into any tokenised crowdfunding process usually guarantees an imminent downfall.

Arizn had chosen to build their crowdfunding platform on top of the ethereum blockchain, a preferred environment for many as it delivers complete ledger transparency and accessibility.  And with that comes smart contracts too where AALT, the native token of Arizn, can be used by the backers to support a campaign to raise funds and even create a crowdfunding campaign of their own.  These self-executing contracts will be coded in solidity language, of which, the Ethereum network understands.

Arizn’s crowdfunding platform is set to simplify, yet effectively, automate crowdfunding campaign creation.

Using a dAPP wizard, users breeze through a series of questions to assert the campaign requirements. The same wizard shall then create the compliant smart contract that will automate the crowdfunding campaign. The good thing here is that side by side with the intended automation, customization is available too, giving full control to the founder as they deem necessary.  And after the whole process, needed steps to engage potential backers are set in motion.

More so, Arizn also gave the AALT token a secondary notion of profitability and profound liquidity as these tokens will be available for exchange trade too in their upcoming Decentralized token exchange, the LiquidEX.

One last thing to note, through Arizn’s efforts to disrupt the tokenised crowdfunding platform for the better, they stated clearly their hopes for a unified crowdfunding platform. Unafraid to collaborate with othe CFPs, they shall welcome other platforms to interact with Arizn and perhaps make use of the same strategy, approach and ideas to benefit the economy of crowdfunding. And all that, they intend to do  freely. Now that is ubuntu in full exercise.

Head to their website at for more details. And should it interest you, Arizn’s ICO Bonus is ongoing, a great chance to take advantage of such a wonderful opportunity.